State of the Art PHP

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to make a new site every month. Since it is still October, I am 10 sites behind my goal. I guess I’ll roll that one over into next year.

The other day, I was hoping to make some progress on site #1. Although I embraced the joys of maintenance programming this year, I was also dimly aware that things have progressed in the PHP world. I just didn’t know how much. When I tried to spin up a new site with the latest tech, I was confronted with new stuff like:

  • Namespaces
  • Phar
  • Composer
  • PSR-0
  • Git

And that’s just to start! It turns out my old friend Zend Framework has been radically changed. Zend has been travelling down an unpleasant road for a while now. Version 2 confirms the choice. Time for us to part ways.

Luckily, the PHP community’s “let a thousand frameworks bloom” approach comes to the rescue. A quick Google search of “php framework mongo db” surfaced the Lithium Framework. (NoSQL is the obvious choice of the cool kids, and Mongo DB is the obvious winner of the NoSQL wars. Honorable Mention to Redis.)

So… my next project will be in Lithium, on PHP 5.4, and Mongo DB. Wish me luck.



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